Conserving biodiversity on private land

The Biophilia Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation with a mission to advance biodiversity conservation on private lands by fostering systemic change through people, their communities, and direct action. We operate programs and award grants to conservation organizations to protect and restore wildlife habitat.

We work in four focal areas:

Private Land Conservation

Private land conservation can complement lands protected by governments and communities. We focus on initiatives in often-overlooked areas where protection makes the greatest difference.

Watershed Restoration

The arid southwest has experienced extensive degradation of watersheds. The Biophilia Foundation focuses on low-tech, process-based stream restoration.

Restoration Economies

The Biophilia Foundation supports development of a regenerative economic sector, including laying the groundwork for carbon credit finance for dryland riparian restoration.

Conservation Policy

Opportunities are on the horizon for policies that support wilderness, rewilding, restoration, and nature-based solutions. The Biophilia Foundation funds several initiatives that advance innovative environmental policy.

The Biophilia Blog

Funding available for projects on ejidos in northern Mexico

$5,000 to $10,000 grants available for projects that benefit people and nature

2024 Riverscape Restoration RFP

Grants available for riverscape restoration
and capacity-building

Workgroup releases report on riparian carbon

Final report of the American Southwest Carbon Marketplace Workgroup provides recommendations on carbon finance for riparian restoration

Biophilia Foundation releases new report on collaboration in the Sky Islands

A new report from the Biophilia Foundation includes information about the organizations and agencies that are active in the Sky Islands, an inventory of recent and current multi-organization collaborative efforts, and a list of spatial planning processes that prioritize locations for their ecological value and/or threats they face.

“Humanity is part of nature, a species that evolved among other species. The more closely we identify ourselves with the rest of life, the more quickly we will be able to discover the sources of human sensibility and acquire the knowledge on which an enduring ethic, a sense of preferred direction, can be built.”

 – Edward O. Wilson

- Edward O. Wilson

The Biophilia Foundation advances biodiversity conservation on private lands by fostering systemic change through people, their communities, and direct action.