Wildlife Corridors, LLC

Patagonia, Arizona

The Sky Islands, encompassing more than thirty mountain ranges, are recognized as a globally significant biodiversity hotspot, yet the valleys connecting the ranges are highly threatened by development and fragmentation. 

Forest at Pritzlaff Ranch

Photo courtesy of Borderlands Restoration Network.


In 2006 an Arizona Game and Fish funded study identified the Sonoita Creek wildlife corridor as an important corridor for black bear, mule deer, mountain lion, and the endangered jaguar moving between northern Mexico and the Arizona Sky Islands. While most of the corridor is on national forest land, the corridor passes through a two-mile wide stretch of private land along AZ Highway 82, just north of Patagonia.

The same year, the Arizona Department of Real Estate approved the sale of 189 lots in the newly platted Three Canyons subdivision under construction in the heart of the wildlife corridor. Paved roads, water and electricity were installed in Phase I, located in the southern part of the subdivision. Of the 66 Phase I lots, 16 lots were sold before a bank foreclosure halted development in 2008.

In 2014 a group of investors intent on protecting critical wildlife habitat seized the opportunity to purchase the remaining 173 lots of the stalled housing project for the expressed purpose of protecting most of the land as an integral part of the Sonoita Creek Wildlife Corridor. This was achieved by retiring the development rights on all 149 Phase II lots, thereby creating the 1200-acre Borderlands Wildlife Preserve. To finance the project, they formed Wildlife Corridors, LLC with a plan to sell just 24 of the remaining 50 Phase I lots and retire the development rights on another dozen lots in the re-named Wildlife Haven residential neighborhood. This created a buffer zone between the preserve and the subdivision. They also pledged 80% of profits to be dedicated to long-term management of the preserve.

The Preserve Today

As a segment of the larger Sonoita Creek Wildlife Corridor, the 1600 acre and growing Borderlands Wildlife Preserve is protected and managed to conserve critical wildlife habitat, respectfully provide access to nature for humans, and to maintain a route for migratory species.

The public may visit the Borderlands Wildlife Preserve, which is located appropriately 2.5 miles north of Patagonia on the west side of Highway 82, between mile markers 22 and 23, across from Sonoita Springs Ranch. Turn on Tanglehead Lane at the Borderlands Wildlife Preserve sign to enter the preserve. Please observe the guidelines for use.

Borderlands Wildlife Preserve Canyon

Photo courtesy of Borderlands Restoration Network.

Help Fund the Future of Wildlife Corridors!

The highest priority is to continue the expansion of the Borderlands Wildlife Preserve from the Patagonia Mountains to the Santa Rita Mountains to allow for the creation of a seamless wildlife corridor for animals to safely migrate through. Contributions are urgently needed to help retire existing development rights and maintain the current preserve property so one of the most critical wildlife corridors in the southwest will be protected in perpetuity. In addition to being an active partner in Wildlife Corridors, the Biophilia Foundation is acting as a conduit for donations to retire development rights to preserve the wildlife corridor.
Consider making a donation to the Biophilia Foundation today to support the work of preserving this critical wildlife corridor.

The Biophilia Foundation advances biodiversity conservation on private lands by fostering systemic change through people, their communities, and direct action.