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Saving an important wildlife corridor in southern Arizona

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Strategic Partnership

The Biophilia Foundation is engaged in a strategic partnership with Wildlife Corridors LLC to permanently retire development rights on land in an important wildlife corridor on the US-Mexico border. Biophilia collaborates with Wildlife Corridors by purchasing development rights on land acquired by Wildlife Corridors. Easements are donated to the Sonoran Institute.

A Critical Wildlife Corridor

In 2004, the Arizona Game and Fish Department funded a team of conservation biologists from Northern Arizona University (NAU) to identify critical linkages important for wildlife migration. The Sonoita Creek Wildlife Corridor was ranked as one of the most important linkages in the region for black bear, ocelots, mountain lion, and the very few jaguar that move between Mexico into the United States via the Huachuca and Santa Rita Mountain ranges near Patagonia, AZ.

Even with the most important linkages in the region identified, little was done to secure these wildlife corridors until Wildlife Corridors LLC was formed and began to work with partners in the area.

Three Environmental Threats


  • Opportunity – The spread of housing developments on former ranches often happens before funding or public awareness can be developed.
  • Economic and Cultural Issues – Most efforts to protect land in the region have focused on the biological issues. Significant attention has not given to the economic and cultural issues that impede conservation.
  • Funding – Lack of major coordinated funding effort by foundation and agencies at the scale necessary to address the needs of the region has resulted in too little funding, too late.

Managing Habitat for People and Wildlife

Wildlife Corridors (WC) seeks to facilitate novel public-private partnerships to protect open land, improve habitat, and facilitate wildlife movement. We actually seek out and incorporate local perspectives on how people can recreate, live upon and manage land, in perpetuity. This is for the benefit of people, plants, wildlife, and waterways.

Wildlife Corridors LLC Solutions


In early 2015, WC was presented with an unique opportunity. Over 1,000 acres of nearly pristine grassland, oak woodland, and remnant cienega were set for sale by a bank after they had foreclosed on the developer. The skeleton of the planned development, Three Canyons, was already in place.  There is a system of roads on the lower 1/3 of the property, leading to a few houses on purchased lots. An existing water system will provide plumbing for the 173-platted lots. The properties boasted significant space set aside for conservation. However, this old “Swiss cheese” conservation easement that fortunately is no longer recognized by the IRS provides no corridor for animal movement, amongst a polka-dotted landscape speckled with houses.

WC borrowed $700,000 with a 6% annual interest rate and a large balloon payment due after 3 years in order to purchase the land. WC is now seeking to pay off the mortgage through a combination of selling off the development rights in what will then be the critical wildlife corridor, and selling a limited number of residential lots on the southern portion of the property. These lots are in an area that has paved roads and power. Sixteen (16) lots were previously sold before the acquisition.

Residents, and visitors alike, can enjoy hiking trails, and wildlife viewing blinds that overlook installed wildlife ‘drinkers.’  This property is now named Wildlife Haven. WC is looking for more conservation opportunities.

We Need Your Help!

The highest priority is to pay off our current high interest loan, in favor of a low interest loan. This will free up funds for increased restoration and management activities. We are also seeking contributions to help us retire the existing development rights.

This is so one of the most critical wildlife corridors in the southwest will be protected in perpetuity. In addition to being an active partner in WC, the Biophilia Foundation is acting as a conduit for donations to retire development rights to preserve the wildlife corridor.

Please consider making a donation today.