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Our Mission

In 1984, E.O. Wilson first used the term Biophilia to describe his belief that humans inherently enjoy the diversity of life on earth, and that much of our well being comes from that enjoyment.  While a constructive view, it is also a physical fact that our survival as a species depends on preserving biodiversity. The primary mission of the Biophilia Foundation is to support efforts that protect, restore, enhance, and preserve wildlife habitat for all species of native plants and animals. 

Our secondary mission is to help reconnect individuals with nature. We believe that once individuals become aware of the value of preserving biodiversity they will work toward its preservation, especially if conflicts between conservation and their economic interests can be minimized, and conservation opportunities are made easier to obtain.  We invite you to support our work and to make a personal and continuing commitment to understanding and preserving biodiversity, the web of life of which we are a part and which sustains us.

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